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Washington Legal Services PLLC

Washington Legal Services PLLC
1201 Pacific Avenue, 6th Floor
Tacoma, WA 98402
United States

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Attorney Services We Offer in Tacoma, WA
Every sphere of life has its own set of potential legal challenges. This is why the attorneys working with our firm are familiar with every kind of legal issue. From family to finances and business to bankruptcy, we can connect you with Tacoma attorneys specializing in every kind of legal battle.

Below are categories that the lawyers at our Tacoma law firm can help you with:

Personal Injury Law
Getting injured can force major changes in a person’s life. Don’t let things like workplace mishaps, auto accidents, or even the mistake of another person go uncontested. If you have suffered from an injury and are in need of legal help, our Tacoma personal injury lawyers will make sure you get the assistance you need.

Family Law
Legal issues involving family are delicate. We employ Tacoma lawyers who are experienced in these matters. These attorneys can help with legal issues related to parenting plans, legal separation, and child support.

If you would like to set up a meeting, give us a call at (888) 927-4529 and our Tacoma firm will be happy to walk through things with you.

Contract Law
As intimidating as they can be, contracts still are an important part of life. Signing a contract can be daunting, and even making one can be confusing.

For these reasons, we have lawyers who are experts in the area of contract creating and signing. Even if you have already made a contract, our Tacoma firm would be happy to look it over with you and make sure things are in order.

Divorce Law
Divorce is one of the more intense fields of the law that our attorneys deal with. If you are in need of legal guidance in your divorce process, please contact us today and our Tacoma lawyers will get started in whatever you need.

Estate Planning Law
At Washington Legal Services, we have attorneys who are ready and able to help with everything estate planning entails. Whether you have a complicated or simple will, both require a good amount of thought and consideration.

Our estate planning attorney Tacoma would love to help you in that process, as they understand the ins and outs of making effective estate plans.

DUI Law / Traffic Law
Do you need advice on how to face a DUI or any other traffic-related issue? Give us a call and we will set up a consultation with one of our traffic lawyers.

Insurance Law
There are certain subtleties and nuances connected with real estate work. Turn to our lawyers in Tacoma who understand the business. Our team wants our clients to succeed in their business ventures, and in real estate, having good legal advice is vital.

Construction Law
Working in construction sometimes requires more legal protection than other vocations. If you want to save yourself or your company from legal problems, look no further than our firm in Tacoma. We have lawyers who know the legal side of construction inside and out, and working with them can give you the peace of mind you need to continue with your work.

Bankruptcy Law
As situations that involve bankruptcy are often stress-inducing, relieve some of that stress by contacting us at Washington Legal Services. We have lawyers who want to help you in the bankruptcy process, and also any other financial issues you have.

Business Law
If you are looking for legal advice for your business, you are making a good decision. Legal problems involving business have a way of being difficult to understand. Work with our firm in Tacoma, and our lawyers will help your business thrive.

Our Lawyers in Tacoma, WA
There is a need for lawyers in many different areas of life. At Washington Legal Services, we understand this and take pride in connecting you with the ideal attorney for your unique situation.

If any of the above-mentioned services can help you, don’t hesitate to reach out. We will work with you and make sure your problems are put in the right lawyer’s hands.
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